Short Essay on the Regulation of Private Detectives

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The Bill seeks to make it mandatory for detective agencies to be licensed by the Government and governed by a Central Detective Agencies Regulatory Board (CDARB), which shall have three representatives from the trade chambers.

The Board shall lay down standards of training and define Code of Ethics for detective agents. The Board shall also act as an advisory body to the Central

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Government for any matter of policy concerning private detective agencies. Section 13(1) of the Bill provides that the private detective agency shall not employ or engage any person as a private detective unless, he is a citizen of India and has completed the prescribed training required for the purpose.

Section 28 of the Bill deals with the violation of right to privacy or causing annoyance.

Section 9(2) provides that a company, firm or an association of persons shall not be considered for issue of license under this Act, if it is not registered in India or having a proprietor or a majority shareholder, partner or director, who is not a citizen of India.


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