Short Essay on the President of India

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He is elected by the members of the Electoral College, which consists of the elected members of both the Houses of Parliament and the elected members of the Legislative Assemblies of the States.

The election of President is held in accordance with proportional representation by single transferable secret ballot system.

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The President holds office for 5 years from the date he enters into office and he can be re-elected.

To be eligible to contest in presidential election one should be a citizen of India, must have completed 35 years of age and must be qualified to be a member of Lok Sabha.

The Chief Justice of India administers oath to the President, and in absence of the Chief Justice it is the senior most judge of the Supreme Court who steps-in to do it.

If the President wishes to resign, he may do it in writing under his hand and seal and address his resignation to the Vice-President of India and the resignation has to be communicated by Vice-President to the Speaker of the Lok Sabha forthwith.

President can be impeached under the Constitution, but only if he violates the provisions of the Constitution and a charge to that effect has to be preferred only either in Lok Sabha or in Rajya Sabha. However, so far no impeachment proceeding has ever been initiated against any Indian President.


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