Short Essay on the National judicial Commission of India

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Such instances have, of course, been very few, but judiciary rose early to take punitive as well as preventive actions and measures. The Supreme Court of India devised an in-house inquiry method to inquire into the complaints against judges.

There is a proposal to have a high power National Judicial Commission to investigate any corrupt act, delinquent behaviour or misconduct of a judge in public or private life which adversely affects or strains the status or people’s confidence in the institution of judiciary. The proposal is being debated in order to ensure that it does not compromise judicial independence in any way.

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In many parts of the world, individuals who are dissatisfied with judicial conduct have a right to access to a Commission much like the one proposed. The Commissions, however, vary in the scope of their jurisdiction, the procedure they adopt, the powers they possess, and the efficiency and competence they show.

The National Judicial Commission is also proposed to be empowered to recommend the appointment of the Judges of the Supreme Court, Chief Justices and the judges of the High Courts and the transfer of judges of High Courts. The Commission would also formulate the Code of ethics for the judges of the Supreme Court and the High Courts.


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