Sometimes, me in my studies. Finally, I must

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Sometimes, I hear about doctors play­ing tricks with their patients to amass huge wealth.

They roll in luxury at the cost of poor, suffering patients. Then I have to sit up and think twice whether this profession is actu­ally worthy of being followed. After much contemplation, I have realized that there are certain undesirable persons in almost every profession and they deserve to be ignored.

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I know that to be a doctor requires hard labor and it causes a lot of financial burden on the parents. Fortunately, my parents are wealthy enough to afford my studies in the medical profession. I am by nature a hard­working student and have always shown excellent results in all classes since my childhood. I am confident that by dint of hard work and under the able guidance of my teachers who are well-versed in their subjects, I shall one day become a doctor. My parents also want me to follow in their foot­steps and are very helpful to me in my studies. Finally, I must repeat my pledge that if all goes well and I succeed in becoming a doctor, I shall devote all my time and energy to the welfare of the poor patients. I shall treat the poor free of charge and shall not hesitate even in going to the rural areas.

I am burning midnight oil. May god help me in getting my aim achieved!


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