Discipline It requires a voluntary obedience to

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Discipline is the foundation of good manners.

It requires a voluntary obedience to certain codes of behaviour. It is essential because lack of it may create confusion in society. It is the very essence of a civil society. Good manners can be developed only with the help of discipline. Good manners are necessary for people in all walks of life. Courtesy is an integral part of good manners.

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Courtesy is reflected in speech, action and behaviour. A soft-natured man is liked by all. So we should never lose our temper.

We should have regard for our elders. We should help the poor and the needy. We should be polite in our behaviour. We should not talk loudly to anyone.

Soft speech wins the heart of people. A man with good speech rules the mind of the people. Hence civility of speech and action is a must for good manners. A man with good manners should never lose temper even in difficult situation. He is always polite in his overall conduct.

Gentility is reflected in his demeanor. He wins the heart of the people. Good manners demand restraint in our behaviour. Good manners demand us to be helpful to all who need it. We should be ready to help the poor and the needy.

We should have respect for the women and kind to children. We should not have any ego or attitude problem. We should never think ourselves superior and look down upon others. We should never do anything which may hurt the sentiments of others. A man without good manners can never become a well-bred man. Good manners cost nothing but win everything. They lend charm to people.

They enhance the glamour and beauty of personality. A man with noble birth and high qualification without good manners cannot be agreeable to those with whom he comes in contact with. Likewise, a man having low birth and little qualification but good mannerly in his attitude and behaviour wins love and respect from all. Good manners are not to be borrowed. They are to be cultivated and groomed slowly.

We should cultivate good manners from early childhood.


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