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This Code defines boilable offence, cognizable offence, complaint, courts, offence, judicial proceedings, warrant case, summons case etc.

It is a complete Code defining and prescribing the classes of criminal courts, offices, and their powers and jurisdictions. This Code also prescribes for the police to act upon the crime along with their duties and functions. The procedure from the occurrence of crime to arrest, bail, trial and prosecution has been discussed in detail in the Criminal Procedure Code.

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Besides these, this Code also prescribes the order for maintenance of wives, children and parents, maintenance of public order and tranquility, preventive action of police, information to police and their power to investigate, jurisdiction of criminal courts in inquiries and trials, conditions requisite for initiation of proceedings, complaints to magistrates, trial before court of session, trial of warrant cases by magistrates, trial of summons-cases by magistrates, summary trials, evidence of enquiries and trials, the procedure for judgments, and procedure for appeal, etc. The Indian Penal Code, the Indian Evidence Act and the Criminal Procedure Code, all these form the complete Codes for the criminal cases in India.


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