Role depending upon the strong or weak

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Role behaviour is influenced by some factors. It means some factors make an individual to do less or more than what is expected of him in a status. Firstly, role behaviour depends on the efforts that one puts in as an occupant of a status. He may or may not put proper efforts in that direction due to some or the other reason. Secondly, role behaviour depends on the feeling of obligation that one has towards the normative aspect of the status. For example, depending upon the strong or weak obligation that an individual may do his work and play his role as a father.

Thirdly, role behaviour is also affected by one’s holding of other positions or statuses with rights and obligations attached to them. The role requirements of different statuses make it almost impossible for the individual who assumes various statuses to do ‘justice’ to all. Individuals who somehow try to lead a balanced life make lot of compromises with their obligations. Thus a labourer who is capable of showing a better performance will not do that because of his membership with the trade union which has advocated a go-slow policy. Finally, role behaviour differs with the capacity of the individuals which is deter­mined by both experience and by heredity. Experience involves cumulative learning in previous situations and heredity influences the effect that experience has. For example, a mentally deficient person cannot ordinarily perform well the duties of husband, teacher, advocate or legislator. On the other hand, a talented person may perform them much better than an average man.

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