Marriage and practices have a long standing. The

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Marriage being a union sanctioned by all religions is also an area where traditions and practices have a long standing. The law recognizes the diversity here too.

That explains the existence of a number of statutes pertaining to the tying and untying of the proverbial knot. The Hindu Marriage Act, the Special Marriage Act, the Indian Divorce Act, the Indian Christian Marriage Act, the Parsi Marriage and the Divorce Act, the Muslim Shariat Law, the Dissolution of Muslim Marriages Act, the Muslim Women Protection of Rights Act is the Marriage Laws in India. Once the marriage is performed or registered under these laws, the parties are governed by its provisions. The social need, the changing attitude of the people and all other relevant aspects are considered by the legislature when it enacts or amends any law pertaining to marriage and ensures that the law is in consonance with the personal laws and customary laws of those to whom it applies. The grounds of relief by way of divorce, dissolution or annulment and other matrimonial reliefs are also provided for.

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