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Short Essay on Equal Status for Women – Woman, by no means, is inferior to man in any respect and can perform all functions equally well, if not better. Though she might be found wanting when it comes to using brute force of the savage kind, she is better endowed with the gifts of civilization. There is no reason why a woman should be discriminated against simply for being a woman. The Constitution of India ensures dignity and honour for all women and envisages woman empowerment.

There are numerous Conventions and Declarations by International Bodies like the United Nations that spell women’s right to dignity and honour. However, despite constitutional provisions, International declarations, conventions, covenants, and other laws women still exist under the shadow of male domination, which, as the rising graph of crime against women suggests, has not grown sufficiently lighter. Thus, a change in law or stricter punishments for offenders would not yield results unless there is a change in the mindset of people. This change might not be as rapid as we would like it to be, but it is gradually taking place. Therefore, the clouds might be dark but the silver lining, howsoever light, is indeed there.

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