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In case of death the legal heirs or the dependents of the deceased workman have to be compensated. The liability of such compensation does not relate to any wrong done by the employer or any carelessness on behalf of anyone. However, the employer is not legally liable in respect of any injury which does not result in total or partial disablement of the workman for a period exceeding a period of three days, and he is also not liable in respect of any injury not resulting in death or permanent disablement caused by an accident which is directly attributable to the workman having been at the time thereof under the influence of drink or drugs. Moreover, the quantum or calculation of compensation is made on the basis of class of the workmen, monthly salary, and gravity of injury, death or disablement as per the Employees’ Compensation Act. The enactment is a welfare legislation to ensure that injured or disabled workmen are not left alone to suffer helplessly and also to make sure that dependants of a deceased workman are not left penniless.


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