The the happiest and most memorable day

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The climax of the celebration is reached in the evening and at night.

On the top of all the houses, we see the rows of lighted candles and earthen lamps. They are arranged in a symmetrical order. Hoe children burst crack­ers and display fire-works. The atmosphere is full of light and glory. It appears as if heaven has suddenly descended on earth, people meet each other in cheerful mood.

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People of different communities embrace one another. They exchange eatables, espe­cially sweetmeats in a lovable manner. On seeing all this, only a fool will refuse to accept the reality of India’s unity in diversity. Dial is also an important day for the traders. Many of them start their new account books on this day. In every house at night there is worship of the goddess, Lame.

This “festival of lights”, as the Dial is called, is perhaps the happiest and most memorable day in the whole year for an ordinary man. Even the poorest regale themselves with sweets and lights on this day. It is a pity, however, that many foolish people celebrate this holy day with bouts of drinking and night-long gambling. Many of them get ruined and repent afterwards. Some children catch fire while playing with crack­ers.

Sometimes, stocks of crackers catch fire and there is huge loss to life and property. It is imperative that we celebrate our festivals with sobriety, restraint and caution to maintain their sanctity and elevating objective.


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