Entire thinkers in the past. But it

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Entire economy was split into two sectors-state-owned or the collective and the cooperative. In all these processes it was the responsibility of the state to provide job to citi­zens. States also evolved such a system of education and training in which the students were free to choose their faculties and grow their talents under the patronage of the state. Ideal of a welfare state has always been in hot pursuit of the politi­cal thinkers in the past.

But it has remained just a wishful thinking. Because, it was not practicable and there was no systematic approach to realize it also. The founders of the scientific socialism and revolution of 1917 in Russia. Social welfare in real terms was realized by suc­cessful enforcement of this right by the Soviet government.

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Now after the dismantling of the Soviet Union that social order in Russia has also been blown up. Under the new world order based on criteria of free trade, there is no room for right to work. There is stress for improved conditions of the work—obviously to dispense with the risk of labour unrest and its ad­verse effects on production.


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