Now them great pleasure to see them happy

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Now the Home has long list of regular patrons. ‘Clean management’ makes the benefits go to the inmates in the form of comforts. Healthy food, good bedrooms, bathrooms, school, playground and amiable workers, and above all, the very affectionate ‘Father’ make this Home, a real home.

The organiser, Mr. Anthony is a very noble, magnanimous and charitable person. He often invites his patrons and donors to visit the Home. Every year he sends a General Report of its functioning, expansion programmes and financial commitments etc.

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to his patrons. The organisers have given their love to those homeless children. It gives them great pleasure to see them happy and satisfied. I often think of the kind-hearted affectionate couple who loved those poor children like real parents, and pray to God to keep them hale and hearty for many years to come. I will not waste money in buying cakes and arranging big parties to celebrate my birthday. I will share my joys by sending money to this orphanage and request my relatives and friends also to do the same.


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