Another ward. Each one of them had

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Another ten students were spread in the ward.

Each one of them had on average 4-5 beds. They helped the patients in the orderly arrangement of their beds, medicines, cupboards and personal belongings. Six of us were on duty at the Dispensary. There we helped in the proper delivery of the pills, mixtures and capsules. The people were keen to crowd at the counters. But the compounder appeared to be a tough guy. He did not allow any one to come near his counter unless he himself called the names or Patient Card numbers.

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Four students were stationed at the Injection table. Two were controlling the crowd, helping in the formation of the queue, and allowing them in one by one. The others were inside the cabin at the injection table, helping the doctor, the nurse, and the patient after the injection. Three students were at the parking lot, helping the patients and their relatives and friends in locating their vehicles after their visit to the hospital or after being discharged from there. One could notice a feeling of joy and relief writ large on their faces. Thus, the whole of our class was put for SUPW periods in that hospital. This served as a great experience in the day-to-day world around us.

Our education did not remain bookish and far-fetched. But it becomes useful to the society and productive, and that is what we mean by Socially Useful Productive Work.


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