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The march begins with the heroes of the earlier wars. The members of the armed forces who won the decoration, i.e. the Param Vir Chakra lead the march. Then come the young boys and girls who have Bravery Award for the year. The soldiers march briskly.

The bands play martial is they pass the saluting base; they turn their eyes towards the President. The Commanding Officer salutes and they march on. The members of the paramilitary also take part in the march. Next come the colourful Jhankies or tableaus of states, which creatively display the life and culture local people.

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The cultural troupes also perform dances. Students drawn from various schools bring up the rear. They put up a very beautiful the form of dances and national songs with action. The climax of the show is the fly past of the various fighter planes, showering flower petals.

The whole programme is telecast on T.V. On January 28th, there is the Beating Retreat. The soldiers taking part in the parade march back to their barracks.

From the various regiments play martial tune. It is one of the most charming displays put up by forces every year.


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