The clutches of the non-cooperative hospital staff.

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The specialist advised him complete rest. He plastered him on his ribs. Later on, he was sent to a bed in the ward. There, he was expected to stay for about a fortnight. In the same ward, there were 20 other similar cases. They were all victims of injuries and accidents. The nurses there were rather casual in their behaviour.

They never had cheerful word for any one of them. It appeared as if they had very little interest in their work. The ward boys were also equally careless. They never helped anyone unless their palms were greased.

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Since the hospital was a private one, the salaries were rather low. That contributed to the evil practice of expecting money on the slightest pretext, from the patients or their relatives. One nurse was so rude that she never attended to any case unless called upon by the doctor himself.

I came home after seeking Rajat’s permission, and leaving him in the care of such an uncaring staff. At home I prayed for his quick recovery and safe return from the clutches of the non-cooperative hospital staff.


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