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The list of those who violate discipline runs into several pages and it will be an exercise in futility to recount and name them all. Let us only understand the importance of discipline from the following thought-provoking question and, if convinced of the utility and usefulness of discipline, let us take a vow today to observe discipline of every sort. What would happen if the pilots flying the plane break the rules to discipline, and the army personnel refuse to obey their superiors, and the transporters drive and stop their vehicles at their own whims and fancies, and what would happen if mothers stop feeding their young ones, and the producers stop their production, and suppliers their supplies, and the distributors stop a distribution of articles of our everyday use? There would be chaos and nobody would be able to live or even exist peacefully. The whole human race will be in turmoil.

Therefore, discipline is of paramount importance in all walks of life.

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