At the appointed time, both my friends

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At the appointed time, both my friends came to my house when I had gone to the music class, and very casually told my mother that four lady teachers were joining the outing and about a dozen girls have already come forward for the trip. They have already paid the money too. My mother was taken aback, and relented a bit, only to allow me to join in case she herself was also allowed going with the party.

When my friends explained the whole situation and told her that her going was not possible and would appear to be rather funny, she very reluctantly agreed to allow me to go on the condition that I would not leave these girls under any circumstances. When I returned from the music class, I joined them to give an assurance that we three would always stay together and keep our beddings etc. also in the same room or tent while on the trip. My father also came in the evening to announce that the outing was compulsory for all the Final year students and he had as such paid my share of money to the class-teacher. We all heard that with a sigh of relief.

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