What the birth of Team 10, the younger

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What made the shift, from the modern machine culture of Corbusier to the new brutalism order of Team 10. Every phase of architecture has to have an anti-phase, where its ideals are opposed. The young architects who grew up with old master's ideals soon became disenchanted with his visions. It can be harsh because a singular vision of utopia can never be achieved.

The birth of Team-X is due to these reasons. CIAM, Congres Internationaux d’Architecture Moderne was started in 1928 as a declaration, signed by 24 architects in Europe. Its agenda emphasizes building rather than architecture as the elementary activity of man intimately linked with evolution and the development of human life;. It was primary dominated by the idea of individualism at thefirst three meetings with topics that focused on the ideal, efficient spaces for individuals and the minimum living standards. At the 4th CIAM in 1933, the ideals of Corbusier took over.

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His visions of the utopian, modernist Machine City thus spread its influence throughout Europe. City planning became the main focal point of the meetings. This in fact would shape social orders throughout the continents.

And during his reign as the main idealist of CIAM, it became the custom of architectural students to flock to CIAM, to re-establish contact with the international Modern Movement, to sit at the feet of its great masters and to acquire those non-parochial standards of architectural values. This consequently lead to the birth of Team 10, the younger generation of architects who were involved with CIAM. They wrote ;We of the younger generation received a shock at the Aix in seeing how far the wonder of the;ville radieuse; had faded from CIAM.

; The members of Team 10, Bakema, Candilis, Gutmann, Howell, van Eyck, Voelcker and the Smithsons were tied together by their ideals of reform the old visions of the original members of CIAM, and also th…


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