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This is a report on the different shelters in South Africa. Africa is a huge continent that is 5,000 miles long and 4,600 miles wide. It is about three times the size of the United States. It has one of the world’s largest islands: Madagascar. Many of its 52 countries constantly change their borders and names.

More than 1,000 languages are spoken. The Mediterranean Sea divides this continent from Europe. The equator that divides Africa in half also makes it have enormous variety, such as its rain forests, and savanna. The fact that it has water surrounding it also has a big effect on its variety, and people. In South Africa there are many Cities and towns. In fact there are so many cities that about 44,000,000 South African citizens live in them.

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Cities are modern compared to Europe and the east. The native huts: the kraals and the raised huts are much less sophisticated compared to the cities. They consist of wood, mud and straw. The raised huts are good for protection from animals, and storage under it. Many herders, hunters and farmers live in these huts, though the average businessman lives in an apartment or house in the cities.

Johannesburg is one of those cities. It is built on one of the richest gold deposits in the world, though the non-city huts are built on plain dirt. Johannesburg has a shortage of houses because of its growing community, though the farmers, hunters, and herder’s huts get more vacant because more people are moving to the cities. The cities have large housing projects to make room, while the huts are getting torn down. The San people have houses that may appear a little more than a whole in the ground because they are always traveling, though cities obviously do not move, so they have tall buildings, and roads.

The Xhosa have cylindrical houses with thatched roofs, which is extremely different from the San or the cities by the San have “hole in the ground” homes, whil…


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