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Well lets start this off with a little bit of technical thinking.The dimensions of the original Globe (based on John Orrell’s The Quest for Shakespeare’s Globe) are as follows: · Diameter: 100 ft surface to surface 99 ft centre to centre · Yard: 70 ft between post centres 69 ft surface to surface · Stage: 49 ft 6 inches across · Gallery Depth: 15 ft 6 inches overall 15 ft 6 inches between post centres · Overall height: 36 ft. 6 in.

· Overall heights from floor to floor: 15 ft. 6 in., 11 ft. 3 in. and 9 ft. 9 in. to the plates.

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· Balcony floor: 18 ft. 6 in. above the yard, 13 ft 6 in. above stage · Frons Scenae doors: 11 feet tall · Heavens ceiling height: 26 ft 9 inches (to the height of the upper gallery floor) These exact dimensions, no matter how precise, however cannot give an idea of how it must have felt to perform or even watch a show in this environment.The audience that attended the Globe was in one of two places; either standing in the yard or sitting on one of the balcony floors.Either way the audience was most likely crammed in on larger venues, and due to the theater being one of the major forms of entertainment of the day most venues were probably packed. A unique aspect of the structure of the globe was that most every person in the audience was close to the performance area. This personal touch is (in my opinion) as step above most modern theaters.

In these circumstances the audience was very close to the actors creating a very personal experience for the players and the spectators.This personal interaction was probably a large part of the style of writing and acting that went on in the Globe.The only modern type of theater that is similar to this is Theater in the round, but that doesn't fit nearly as many spectators as the globe did. This personal close up acting style was utilized by Shakespeare in.



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