(2) Section 401 shall, so far as

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(2) Where any proceeding by way of revision is commenced before a Sessions Judge under sub-section (1), the provisions of sub-sections (2), (3), (4) and (5) of Section 401 shall, so far as may be, applied to such proceeding and references in the said sub-sections to the High Court shall be construed as references to the Sessions Judge. (3) Where any application for revision is made by or on behalf of any person before the Sessions Judge, the decision of the Sessions Judge thereon in relation to such person shall be final and no further proceeding by way of revision at the instance of such person shall be entertained by the High Court or any other Court.

Thus, while hearing a case records of which have been called for revision by himself, the Sessions Judge has the same powers as the High Court has under Section 401 of the Code. It would appear from Section 399(3) of the Code that, while a person has the choice to move either the High Court or the Sessions Judge under Section 397 of the Code, if he chooses to go before the Sessions Judge, he cannot thereafter go before the High Court even if the Sessions Judge rejects his revision application.

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