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Separate Views of Architectural Design What should we do to solve the problem posed by the use and availability of the virtual reality design concept?This question was answered by two very similar yet different magazine articles.Thefirst article was "Intelligent Architectural Modeling" from the AEC Magazine, which is a specialized magazine for professionals in the field of design and architecture.

The second is "Diving Deeper into Designs" from the magazine Java World, which is used by many people in the information technology field.Both magazines cover the topic very well.There are however many differences in the two separate articles.Thefirst of the two articles "Intelligent Architectural Modeling" was written with the audience suppose to be a more technical or professional person.It was written to cover the problems with the virtual reality design and how people who use it with their profession approach the problems, such as companies like Graphisoft, Nemetschek, and Revit.

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In contrast the article "Diving Deeper into Designs" has more of a feel like it was written for college students or people learning to use the virtual reality system.Penn State University is referred to as one of thefirst schools in the country to use the system for training students.It also describes how it is so hard for this system to be implemented in more schools because of price and availability.In the audience analysis, to see how each was written to appeal to different types of readers, it is easy to see who the writers are trying to reach.

Why the writers have chosen differently is a very interesting question.In thefirst of the two articles I believe the author Martyn Day is trying to reach colleagues to help solve and to help diagnose problems with the system.He is talking to software developers for help in designing new software.He knows software is always changing and .



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