The happen, when in reality forms of cannibalism

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The Brooklyn Museum of Art’s “Sensation” exhibit redefined that art in any form is and always will be the highest form of expression.

The exhibit, in my opinion, is strangely interesting and the diversity between individualism is very apparent. The many works proved the exhibits name “Sensation” to be just that. The images stay consistent of mutants, preserved sea monsters, human blood, genitalia, and an abundance of death. I was left pondering over the vivid imaginations and distorted thoughts of the young artists’, and especially Chris Ofili.

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Jake and Dinos Chapman’s “Great Deeds Against the Dead” showed great similarities to that of Francisco Goya’s “Saturn Devouring One of His Sons”. Both works imply horrific torture in the form of cannibalism, and the beauty of it lies in the disbelief that it could never happen, when in reality forms of cannibalism do and have existed.I found the Chapman’s “DNA Zygotic” and “Tragic Anatomies” to be very strange, but at the same time it made me think about the possibility of something like this ever coming true, considering science has been in a sense playing God with their continued experimentations with cloning. Marc Quinn’s “Self”, a life-size sculpture of his own head, and created out of nine pints of his own frozen blood is what I consider to be taking right to expression a little far.Is Quinn someone who gets pleasure out of pain, or is his intention focused on the fact that he is the art.

The “Plan”, by artist Jenny Saville, is a painting of a nude woman that is not the norm for my generation’s idea of sensuality.I found it to be alot like that of Sandro Botticelli’s “The Birth of Venus”, because Venus is portrayed as a divine goddess, which wasn’t measured physically but on a spiritual basis. Ron Mueck’s “Mask” showed beautiful detail in the face of the apparently aggravated man, but it can never size up to the enormously life-like image of “Dead Dad”.I couldn’t take m…


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