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Power of Authority – Katrin Eismann,'Untitled' In this picture, we can see several coins in the waters of a lake; the main coin being a U.S. quarter. Because the water is constantly moving, it distorts the physical image of the coin when you look at it from above, but if you were to grab the coin, it would just be like any other coin you would find in your pocket. I think that the coin represents the United States with what the founding fathers had in mind for this country which was freedom, liberty, and equality; the water symbolizes what politics and the right of power has done to the country which is corrupt the national spirit and its stance to the original oath the founding fathers had. This is similar to what Eismann stated, "Eismann suggests that the founding principles of the United States are at risk of being warped to the point where we will no longer recognize them.

" As the view of America is starting to plummet for nationalism and the origins of this land, it ruins our international plays, the respect of the people to the government and, most importantly, the power of the people. Power Struggle – Peregrine Hong,'Bed of Roses' This picture shows a young girl lying on the girl with a red stream going down her body and with dozens of roses coming out of her stomach like balloons all in front of a white canvas. This picture shows how women played such a big role on politics and evolving the whole entire world. A woman's body is a battlefield for everything in this nation.

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Women embody power and leadership. We have the power to teach our children to plan their futures, we have the power to decide life of a human being, and we have the power whether or not to accept responsibility. This is similar to what Honig said, "We advocate for equality. We have the power to teach our daughters to plan their lives so they are the best parents they can be, and the medical means to..



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