The the calm and relaxing ocean.They might

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The photographer of Seascape, Michael Collins, effortlessly captures the true peacefulness of Mother Nature.

The land, water, and sky in the photograph coincide with He portrays his photograph in a simple yet unique manner to let his viewers distinguish what they want. Collins artistic ability is shown in his works of art, especially Seascape. Within the photograph, there are a few feet of sand then the sea goes out and meets the sky in the distance.Collins formulated the surface of the land, water, and air to correspond with earth's real amount.He does this by constructing the land with the least space in the picture then water as the second, and finally the sky in the picture takes up the most space.Collins made sure that there was nothing in the picture that might take away from the natural beauty of earth.Even though the seemingly frigid weather does not look as enticing as the weather in the tropics, it still makes you want to relax on the beach.The picture captures the typical view as it is gazing out at the sea.

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Collins uses a technique called record photography, where the purpose is to construct an image without a definite effect or meaning.The viewer is given the ability to relate to the picture in anyway possible.Since there is nothing too abstract within the photograph, it is relatively easy on the eyes.

Collins does not want to capture the sun or moon because it will broaden the viewers' capability to imagine what they want.The overcast makes it more difficult to distinguish if it is morning, afternoon, or evening. This adds to the bluntness Collins was trying to capture in the image. Sometimes people go to the beach and forget about the stunning view of the calm and relaxing ocean.

They might forget about the astonishing view of the beach because it might have been too crowded or there were little children running around.This picture enables the viewers to make their own conc…


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