The women as being a little more equal

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The Egyptians and the Greeks share some characteristics within their artwork. One area that was shared by the Egyptians and the Greeks was the fact that they both used high authorities such as kings and gods for their sculptures. The Egyptians mainly used their kings such as King Menkuare and his Queen from Giza. The Greeks mainly used their goods such as Hermes and the Infant Dionysos. Although they used high authority figures for their sculptures they used different techniques to make these sculptures.

The Egyptians often used married couples for their sculptures.However, they use to portray the women as being very beneath the men.They used to have the women kneeling beside the king.Now over the years, they have started to portray the women as a little more equal of how the Egyptians started to show how the women are equal to the men in the sculpture King Menkaure and his Queen Khamerernebty.

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Even though the Queen is standing beside the King, you are still able to see that the King still has a higher authority over the Queen.You can tell this because the King is standing as if he is at attention and he has his left foot extended forward to show that he is still in power. However, the Queen also has her left foot extended, but it is not as far as the King’s.Furthermore, the King’s arms and hands are by his side with his fist clenched, while the Queens’ arms are bent and placed with one hand around him and the other touching his arm.

The Egyptians wanted to portray the women as being a little more equal to the men but still wanted to prove that the men still had a higher authority.The Greeks also used high authorities such as their gods to make their sculptures. The Greeks had plenty of marble to use for the making of the sculptures, however; they did not like the fact that the marble was so cold and plain.To cover up the cold and plain marble the Greeks just painted over them.One of the Greeks most famous piec..



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