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Scotland is a country of 31,510 square miles and is 274 miles long from north to south and consists of 609 square miles of fresh water lochs.

Scotland is derived from the Celtic word Scoti, which was atribe that migrated to Scotland from Ireland during the fifth century. Scotland is locatedin the northern hemisphere and is the European continent.Scotland is one of the four nations ( the other three are England, Wales and Northern Ireland) that form the United Kingdom.Scotland forms the northern part of the island of Great Britain and is situated between latitudes 54 degrees and 38minutes and 60 degrees 51 minutes north and longitudes 1 degree 45 minutes and 6 degrees 14 minutes west.It is bounded west and north by the Atlantic Ocean, which means there are no countries between Scotland and the United States, and on the east by the North Sea and in the south by the Cheviot Hills. There are 6 major cities in Scotland: Glasglow (the largest), Edinburgh (the capital) Aberdeen, Dundee, Inverness, and Stirling .

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Edinburgh latitude is 55 degrees 55 minutes north and longitude is 3 degrees 10 minutes west and it is dominated by the castle on the rock.Glasglow is Scotland's leading seaport which makes it the largest city.Glasglowlatitude is 55 degrees 50 minutes north and longitude is 4 degrees 15 minutes west.The reason Glasglow is the largest city is because it is located on the Clyde river and is easy accessible to London and other cities.Glasglow is also in the center of the great Clydeside industrial belt making better employment opportunities for the people. Scotland is in the UTC time zone.The UTC time zone is where the reference point for time zones pass through the inside of the Royal Greenwich Observatory.

Michigan would be classified as UTC-5 making it five hours behind Scotland. Scotland's location was an idea spot for it to …


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