Scholarship should be awarded based on social economic status

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In the world where the term financial freedom is very unlikely to exist, most people these days are working hard to have a better life. If you compare the cost of living in Kuala Lumpur today and 30 years ago, there is a big difference. A plate full of nasi lemak only cost RM 0. 20 cost back in the 1980s now cost a whopping RM5. 00. That’s about 2500% increase in price. Parents work hard to send their kids to school so that their children’s life would be better than theirs. Getting a good education is one of the ways to grant a scholarship.

A scholarship is just like winning money, except in a form of education. People these days need a degree in a profession in order to get a good job with lucrative salary that enables them to live with the country with high cost of living. However the competition to get a scholarship is not easy these days as more of people getting good results academically. Moreover, the government has less fund to support the future generations’ studies local or overseas. This leaves government to really think about investing and sponsoring a student.

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They need to consider about their benefit, for example, the student that they are sponsoring, what contributions would they give back to the country. The question is, should scholarship be granted to those who can’t afford higher education or to those who did well in their studies? Let us consider both sides. The rate of poverty in Malaysia is around 30%. This means that poverty is a serious issue in Malaysia. Most families could not afford the cost of higher education especially in private colleges and universities as they are located in the city which means higher cost of living.

That is why the government has introduced public universities so everyone could further their studies at a less expensive price due to the subsidies given. The government has also given allowance so this should not be a problem for to those who can’t afford education as the tuition fees are subsidized. On the other hand, I think scholarship should be given to those who not only did well in their studies, but has proven that they are able to be a leader and someone great who have high probability to contribute to the country.

Rate of success cannot be determined, but we should nurture the potential scholar in order to create great leaders. How can we know that someone could be a potential leader? A leader, of course would have to have leadership qualities such as disciplined, caring, punctual, responsible and others. Leaders will never lose their track their studies as they know how to balance and juggle all the responsibilities that they have as a student, scholar, son or daughter, and others.

This will cause them not to fail in their studies, and every single cent spent on them is worth it. It is a great investment for government and I therefore conclude that scholarship should be given to these kind of students, because they deserve it. There are too many straight As’ students in this era, and one must stand out in order to get a scholarship prize. As for the students who can less afford this, the government should take action to help the rakyat to reduce poverty.

The government should spent more scholarships for students to further their studies in a crucial profession that we lack in Malaysia such as Economics, Politics and others so that they will give back to the country. That is why some scholars have bonds with the government. Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our International Baccalaureate Theory of Knowledge section.


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