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San Diego is a city within California. San Diego was initially the home to the Kumeyaay people. San Diego is the eighth prevalent town in the United States. The city is known worldwide for, its ideal climate, military relations, and widespread shorelines, among many others.

San Diego accommodates an estimated two million people (Innis, 2004,).As stated earlier, San Diego is known for wide spread shorelines. These shorelines cover an estimated 50 miles. The San Diego coastlines are superb, the Hawaiian beaches are nothing compared to the beaches in San Diego. The beaches are large, and full of sand (enough for everyone). The beaches in San Diego are known for their, fresh waters, laid-back charisma, and their natural exquisiteness that tends to “call” the attention of viewers. The beaches tend to offer a very spectacular view of the sunset.During the night, people are not limited to visiting the shorelines.

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Instead, people light bonfires (beach bonfires). People then sit around these bonfires as they enjoy the sundown breeze, whilewatching the bonfire. Around the beach areas, there are cliffs. These cliffs are located at Point Loma.

At the side of the cliffs, there are spectacular picnic tables, where people sit, and watch the sea. Therefore, San Diego would be the best place to spend the summer holiday.San Diego has a rich historical background and features. These features include, parks, national museums, among many others. The San Diego National Museum is the most recognized historical feature in the city.

The Museum’s fairsconcentrates on the exceptional and assorted southern California state.The Museum holds numerous exhibitions annually,aimed at educatingtouristson issues concerningSan Diego’s natural and currenthistory. The Balboa Parkis referred to as the ‘heart of San Diego’s Culture’. The park accommodates fifteen galleries, spectacular gardens, restaurants, and bistros, several venues for art galas and performances, and cultural sites such as the San Diego Zoo among many others. The Balboa Park is the place to visit, if one is interested in finding more about the culture of the San Diego people (Innis, 2004,).

San Diego has magnificent hotels, which offer standard hospitality. Tourists,that come to tour San Diego,mostly occupy these hotels. The Hotels are known to offer, the American food plan (breakfast, lunch, supper), well-furnished rooms with house help services, recreational activities (golfing, among others), and transport (this feature applies to peripheral hotels) among many others. The well- known hotels in the city include, Hotel Del Coronado, Hilton Hotel, and Westgate hotel, Hotel Solamar, among many others. These hotels tend to attract more people to San Diego, making the city an internationally recognized tourism attraction center.San Diego is also known for its extensive Road networks. The city has well- constructed roads that make mobility easier in the city.

Apart from good road networks, San Diego has proper rail systems, which ease congestion (traffic) on the roads.From the discussion based on San Diego, it is evident that the city is among the many cities that an individual would wish to tour. The people in San Diego are the type of people one would wish to associate with. The people are social, not mentioning their enormous hospitality towards visitors. This factor adds to the list of the many amazing features in San Diego. Therefore, if an individual is thinking of a place to spend a vacation, San Diego is the place to be.


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