The exquisite detail. This detail is present

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The master of Saint Lucy Legend is well known for his works of the northern renaissance.

He shows great detail in all of his work. The elements of art as well as the principals of design help emphasize these details.One painting in particular is very beautiful. This painting is called Saint Catherine. It is currently located at the Philadelphia Museum of Art in the Jhon G. Jhonson collection. It was painted around the years 1470-1490. Saint Catherine has a style of northern renaissance.

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These artists are masters of technique. Its media is oil on wood. The height is twenty four and a half inches tall. Artists of time period are also marvels of exquisite detail. This detail is present in many of its elements of art. Thefirst element is color. This painting has many different and contrasting colors.

The artist uses shades of red and tints of blue that contrast each other. These colors are separated by implied lines. Some of the implied lines are around the woman's dress.

These lines serve as outlines to separate the different objects. In this painting there are many more sharp lines; especially in the castle that is in the background. Organic shapes are a major part of this art piece. Some organic shapes are the trees, bushes, water, and grass. The organic shapes give a feeling of realness.Geometric shapes also play a big part in the art.

There are geometric shapes in the castle like rectangles and triangles. In the brick wall there are rectangles. This also gives it a feeling of realness. Space is used very well in this painting. The artist uses overlapping in great depth.

The depth makes the woman appear larger that the castle behind her. The artist does not use value in this painting. Instead he uses tints, and shades. Saint Catherine has an abundance of simulated and actual texture. The objects that you find in nature show real texture; these are the trees and the leaves.

The simulated texture is the water and the cast…


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