At government. Establishing a parliament called the Duma,

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At the time of World War One, Russia’s czarist rulers had entered with good intensoins to win land and gain kwnoledge in Eastern Europe. The czar not taking certain things into consideration, felt the stresses of the war and had his czarist state destroyed after over 5 million casualties were killed and major food shortages at home, and throughout the military. If this was not bad enough for the czar, what used to be a harmless street demonstration, was turning into a quite harmful riot of angry Russians. Theyrose up against the czar, Czar Nicholas II, in an attempt to overthrow the autocratic government. They were successful. Czar Nicholas II abdicated his throne and the government collasped. With the arrival of Vladimer Ilich Lenin, the Russian Revolution begins. Back in from living in exile in western Europe, Lenin hoped to increase the revolutionary chaos and remove Russia from World War One.

After a number of actions or revolts in an attempt to revolutionize, Czar Nicholas II granted the people of Russia a small say in the government. Establishing a parliament called the Duma, the Czar hoped this would be enough for the Russian people to stop acting against his way of government. Back from Switzerland, Germany and Lenin made an effort to weaken the Russian military.

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Due to the act of the old Duma or parliament, many things were passed or re-enacted. This included the bringing back of the radical communist Bolsheviks.When Lenin arrived in Russia, he immediatly called for the end of the war. This call ,and new power of Lenin and his followers the Bolsheviks, was so effective that in June, two months after his arrival men were leaving their posts in the front lines of battle. This led Aleksandr Kerensky to confront a military rebellion. Russians upset and discontent with the way of the present czarist government, and also facing many defeats in World War One, form riots and are rebelling.

Lenin sees the way things are …


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