Modern this system was known as communism. However,

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Modern day Russia is sitll torn by the remineants of the its past. Before the recent establishment of the Republic of Russia, the land was controled by Soviet rule. However the Soviets within themselves were also fairly young as a governement. The Beggining of communist rule started around 1917, but had it roots since the turn of the century. The Czars of Russia had grown corrupt and inefficiant. While the working peoples were starving, the Upper classes were enjoying themselves despite the collapsing economy and governement. Eventually it all broke through and the Czar and his family were slaughtered along with other leaders.

Even after that, though there was a Civil War wich would determine who would rule Russia for the next century. The main influencer of the Revoltuion was a philospher names Carl Marx who wrote the Communist Manifesto. The Communist Menifesto stated how c government could be ran in an ideal way with no class systems, where all people are equal and work just as as hard as another does. Marx envisioned a system were work was equally distributed as was the fruits and the enitre community contributed to every persons needs and welfare, this system was known as communism. However, idealolgy is not reality, corrutption and the need for leadership would often cause the rise of communist and socialist governments to become starving police states with no freedom. Russia was possibly an acception to this common rule. An industrial revolution shortly after the explusion ofthe empirialist leadershelped to launch the newly founded and reformed nation intoa world power almost over night.

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The origins of the revolution date far back to be recored but were not influential until the few years before it started.By 1914, Russia was economically backwards only just beginning to industrialize while the rest of the world was already well developed. The vast majority of Russia’s population were peasants and the political sy..



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