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Science fiction has always been a mystery to me.I have never found it to be very interesting.The science fiction novels that I have read in the past have all been very involved, so involved that I often get lost in it all.William Gibson's Neuromancer is a very interesting read though.Before I read the book, I read the lecture notes and started paying attention to many of the ideas that were portrayed throughout the book. The world that the book is taking place in is the future.

Living in today's world we have all thought about the great things we can look forward to in the future.However, many of today's people see the future as only good and ignoring the fact that the world could get worse as the future approaches.With the amount of resources we are using today it is obvious that we are going to run out and our standards of living will once again decline.This is evident in the book as the book speaks often of the dark side and the way that life has deteriorated.It is also very interesting to see that the world has become one, in other words people from all walks of life are mingled with each other.

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Because of the development of technology the human life has extended, people are living longer then our creator might have intended.Many of the people, if you can call them that, have had work done to them to allow them to live longer, prosthetics and other things to extent their lives.The book is unlike most science fiction novels in that it does not involve one individual saving a large group of people.

Rather this book is simple in it's goal, Colonel Corto or Armitage as he is known hires Case a cyberspace cowboy to run atop secret operation.The story revolves around Chase performing his tasks and the obstacles he runs in to.At the end of the book there is not a great number of people that are effected, rather the book ends on a slightly light note with Chase having the toxins removed fr…


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