Jason explain it, but I just love her

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Jason Weingarten English Per. 6 Rosaline, Rosaline, how I love you Rosaline.

That is something the old Romeo would have said but the new Romeo loves Juliet.I know it sounds sudden, but Rosaline was just puppy love.I can't really explain it, but once I saw Juliet, I fell in love with her and forgot Rosaline.Everything about Juliet I love.

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She is so pretty, I love her laugh, her voice, everything!The only problem with her is that she is a Capulet and Capulet's are my archenemies!I don't know what to do!Do I forget her, but I can't.Once the sun comes up, I am going to go see Friar and ask him to marry us.He hates the Capulets a lot, but I have to hope he will marry us.I also have to hope he will forget about how much I cried over Rosaline.I can't explain it, but I just love her so much and I know she is right for me.

I just have to hope for the best.She is just so beautiful and I can't stop thinking about her.It is almost sunrise.

I have to go and talk to Friar. Juliet and I were just wed!This makes me so happy.Tonight I will go to her room and consecrate the marriage.Oh how happy this makes me.I have never felt so good in my life.I am finally with the women that I love so dearly.

It upsets me however, that I cannot tell anyone about this.The only people, besides Juliet who knows is Friar Lawrence and Juliet's nurse.They both have sworn not to tell anyone. I wonder how Benvolio will take it, and father, he will go insane!He hates the Capulets and this will anger him so very much.However, I think I can convince him to make peace with the Capulets, or just Juliet, and let us live our lives together.I am not sure how Capulet will take it either.

I know this will make Tybalt very angry.I won't be surprised if he tries to kill me when he finds out!…


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