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In the land of Verona there are two big families who have been feuding over a dispute for a long time.One family is the Montagues, the other are the Capulets.

The play opens with Romeo, who belongs to the Montague family, is deeply in love with a woman named Rosaline.When Romeo gets word of a party that the Capulets are having, he decides to attend in disguise.Wearing a mask, he infiltrates the party. At the party, his attentions fall upon Lord Capulets daughter, Juliet.

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After spying her, all thoughts of Rosaline disappear.As Romeo speaks, Tybalt, the nephew of the Lord Capulet, recognizes his voice and threatens Romeo. Romeo leaves to avoid a fight, but returns later that night and sneaks into the orchard behind the house.Juliet is out on the balcony and that is when they pledge their newfound love for each other. A few days later, the couple is wed in a secret ceremony led by Friar Laurence, and as they return from their wedding they stumble upon a fight between ! Romeos friend Mercutio and Tybalt.

After Romeo tries to no avail to end the brawl, Tybalt slays Mercutio, and then Romeo slays Tybalt. After word of this reached the Prince, Romeo is then banished from Verona.After finding this out from the Friar, Romeo threatens his own life.

After being dissuaded by the friar, Romeo spends the night with Juliet and then travels to Mantua to live while the uproar in Verona dies down. Now that Romeo is out of the picture, Juliet's mother decrees that she shall marry a nobleman by the name of Paris. Distraught by the news, she runs to the Friar for counsel.Friar Laurence hatches a plan for Juliet to take a potion that will mimic death so that she can escape not only Verona, but this marriage as well.Romeo was intended to receive word of this plan, but by an error does not and returns to Verona to find his love seemingly dead.

When he arrives at Juliet's grave, he finds and kills Paris who was there to …


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