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In the play Romeo and Juliet written by William Shakespeare, the general audience notices a number of characters that are prone to an excess of emotion. In act one alone, it is easy to notice 5 characters that show this surplus of emotion. These characters are Romeo, Mercutio, Capulet, The nurse and Tybalt. Romeo is a fellow who just seems to have an addiction to emotion. Lots of Romeo's lines are with immense quantities of emotion. When Romeo is describing his love for Rosaline he is just pouring emotion into his speech.

He says “Love is a smoke made with the fume of sighs; Being purg'd, a fire sparkling in lovers' ayes; Being vex'd, a sea nourish'd with lovers' tears. What is it else? A madness most discreet,” (I, i, 188-191) The emotion put into this is ridiculously excessive. Further on in the scene he continues his emotional outbursts.

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“With Cupid's arrow: she hath Dian's wit; And, in strong proof of chastity well arm'd, From love's weak childish bow she lives uncharm'd.” (I, i, 207-210) Romeo is perhaps the most emotional in the wholefirst act. Mercutio is a friend of Romeo's. He is an older man with a soul of a child. Everything, to him is a joke, just waiting to be made or punned upon. In scene one, we see one large outburst of emotion that just makes us want to slap him in the face. This outburst is the famous Queen Mab speech; Made by the joiner squirrel or old grub, Time out o ' mind the fairies coachmakers” (I, iv, 59-60) Soon after this awful display of emotion and nonsense, Romeo tells him to stop his babbling to everyone's delight. Capulet, the head of a noble family, has shown us instances in act one that he is an emotional man.

In Scene five of act one, Capulet decides to throw a party. When the guests begin to arrive, Capulet starts to show excessive emotion. …


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