Our the presentation, a problem arose.We weren’t exactly

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Our group's task was to prepare a creative expression of Romantic art.Throughout the process of preparation, there were many positive aspects and obstacles found in the project.There were also many interesting details that I learned about this time period in art. The best parts of working with my partner included that she was an expert in this field.Andrea knew exactly what characterized Romanticism and explained it's characteristics to me.During the process of this project, we found out that we both had different talents.

I was the more technical detailed person, while Andrea was the creative one.As we were preparing for the presentation, a problem arose.We weren't exactly sure how to present our information in a creative way to include the class.Andrea solved this problem by suggesting that we make it into a game.We would present to the class a paintings form the Romantic time period and paintings from the Classical period.The class, form that point would have to guess what time period the paintings came from.

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They should know how to do this since we would discuss the differences between Classicism and Romanticism.In the end there would also be prizes.Another problem that occurred was my unexpected illness.

This interfered with the project completion and it turned out to be a big hassle.I came back to school on the day of the presentations with nothing done.But luckily a lot of groups were ahead of us and the assembly helped us out as well.Another obstacle was the scheduling.Andrea works and it was difficult to find a time that would suit us both.But we worked out something in the end. During the research portion of this project, I learned many new things about the Romantic art movement.

I found out that Romanticism was a rebellion against Classicism and Neoclassicism.Romantic art was characterized by the raw emotions, expressions and dream-like qualities while Classic art…


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