During the Auvergne region of France (c.1150-1200),

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During the Romanesque period, art most often portrayed biblical events or depicted saints and other religious imagery.There were also several different styles of Romanesque art.

The development of these styles can be credited to the geographic area in which the art was made, the audience that the art was made for, and the message that the art was trying to portray.There are three images from the Romanesque time period that illustrate these styles very well.Thefirst image is Virgin and Child from the Auvergne region of France (c.1150-1200), a sculptural piece whose style was developed because of audience.

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The next piece of art is the South Portal of the Priory Church of Saint-Pierre in France (c.1115-30), which was commissioned by Abbot Roger and portrays a message.The final piece of art which displays a style based on where it was made, is Creation and Fall (c.1106-20) in the Modena Cathedral in Emilia, Italy.It was crafted by the sculptor Wiligelmus. Virgin and Child was made from oak and originally painted, but now there are only faint traces of color on the surface.

It was made to attract audiences who were on pilgrimages or crusades.During this time period, churches received their funding from visitors.They had to find a way to attract these people to the church, and one way to draw visitors was to utilize the relics in the church's possession.Virgin and Child shows the Virgin Mary as Christ's throne, which was known as the Throne of Wisdom (Stockstad).Jesus sits on her lap with a book entitled "The Word of God" and he is raising his left hand as if he is giving praise to those who view the statue.

The sculpture also has two cavities; one is located in Mary's chest and the other is behind her shoulder, both of which might have contained holy relics at one time.Besides being a container for church relics, this sculpture was probably used in church processions as well.A..



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