A elements.They are two different structures close in

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A Comparative Essay on Romanesque and Gothic Styles Architecture has progressed drastically throughout time.Gothic period followed the Romanesque period.Though they did not follow the same elements.The primary difference between Gothic cathedrals and Romanesque churches is ideological.The difference is completely in their style.The main difference between St.

Sernin and Chartres Cathedral is their stylistic elements.They are two different structures close in time yet far from similar style. St. Sernin is a very large monastic church.

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Built in a southern French town, Toulouse, Sernin was along the roads leading to the pilgrimage center of Santiago de Compostela in northwestern Spain.It was among thefirst Romanesque churches built in its time.It is much more complex than earlier structures of its type.It was designed to accommodate large crowds in its long nave and transcept.It is built in the shape of a Latin cross.Like most Roman architecture, there is an order of complex that is also used in St. Sernin.It requires vaults, arches, and engaged columns.

The aisles of St. Sernin are groin vaulted.It is a radiating church with tall proportions and elaborate walls.On the exterior, you see the windows and portals with decorated framing.There is a set off of different roof levels and buttresses that enhance the walls between windows.

The tall tower was completed during the Gothic period.The two fascade towers have never been completed either.A our textbook reads, "St.Sernin serves to remind us that architecture is "the art of the possible.

"It proves to say that St. Sernin is beautiful all-around. Chartres Cathedral is a Gothic cathedral built in 1145.After 50 years from its birth, Chartres was destroyed by fire.It's rebuilding began in 1194.The church was erected on the highest point in town.The north transcept includes a beau.



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