Arts classes in drawing until the tenth

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Arts are the only medium that can teach us about every historical period through its music, visual arts, literature, dance, and drama.

Arts provide opportunities for self-expression, bringing the inner world into the outer world of precise reality. In his essay “Don’t Ignore The Arts,” Harold M.Williams says that the language of arts is universal and is acknowledged or admired in every culture.He also says that arts help us to understand the people who lived hundred years ago and to learn the history of mankind.They create a connection betweeninstruction and practical application–leading to deep understanding.Harold questions that if arts play a significant role in human life, then, arts should also be the central source of study in education or in the American schools.I agree with the views of the author .

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In the essay, Haroldgives an example of a physicist Richard Feynman who learned arts (how to draw) at the age of forty-four.The physicist who didnot draw good in high school, became good at it in his late age.This example ofRichard Feynman reveals that Arts can be learned and practiced in later part of life.A person who is not good in drawing should not give up, but try to practice it to get good at it.For instance, my uncle who is a software engineer in India, was very creative in his ideas of designing cars in his high school.The only problem he facedto express his ideas was that he was very bad in drawing.

The reason that he was not good in drawing was his school system, which did not offer classes in drawing until the tenth grade.So, he quit from designing and became a software engineer.He used to work in a computer company called “Infosys” and at the age forty-nine, he got laid off.

Then he applied for job in other computer companies, but all his efforts in vain.Then he thought to join an art school to learn…


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