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Through researching, I come to know that Robert Gober is an extraordinary American artist who has contributed many exclusive sculptures to the art gallery.Most of his works are from his imagination and daily life acquaintances.For instant, his sculptures are as much about jokes, puns, and slips of the tongue of everyday life and they also reveal the distressing scenes of early childhood.In both their content and fabrication, Gober’s objects address the repetitious nature of the everyday.

This is all to say that some of Gober’s objects are funny; and that their humor is of a daily nature.Although there are some unpleasant aspects of the project, which he created, has diminished my affection for his artwork.The sexuality and the coarse icons perform in his art style give the artwork an unattractive, repulsive appearance.If Gober ever receives any fame for his sculptures, it is because of his brilliant, eccentric idea for the artwork. Gober has developed a unique sculptural practice that links many of the issues underlying Surrealism, Minimalism, and Conceptualism to psychological questions concerning the body and our domestic environment (Wallingford).

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With these representations, his sculptures typically explore the themes of childhood, memory, loss and sexuality."Gober’s work is about a fantasy of being an artist–a fantasy in which creativity never involves immersing yourself in the overarching logic of a formal language." Described J. Simmon, an interviewer (Perl).

Gober figures to be an unique American artist who always dream up amusing and crazy stuff which other artists would never think of for their artwork.His images evolve from our everyday domestic lives and are transformed into the most realistic objects that distinguish between reality and dream.Simple but full of complexity, Gober's uses variety of body figure and regular craftsmanship in the artwork to portray his sophist..



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