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At the beginning and end of her book, The Creative Connection, Natalie Rogers states that: "a connection exists between our life-force –our inner core, or soul- and the essence of all beings." I believe that the overall question posed in this book was directed towards two audiences in a way. One audience being reached is that of current and potential expressive art therapists as a professional guide. The other audience is that of the human being; anyone with a mind and soul who can experience and share feelings and life through their creativity. I believe the overall question throughout this book is, "How can we use expressive arts therapy to heal and better the minds and souls of ourselves and others, as well as the world around us?" Natalie Rogers takes us on a journey through the world of creative arts therapy and allows us to intimately explore its many mediums, uses, and benefits. She provides us with a heartfelt and down to earth resource that closely examines the path to discovering our inner selves on our quest for an inner peace and "wholeness" of oneself. The key terms in this book are Person-Centered Expressive Arts Therapy, and the creative connection. Person-centered Expressive Arts Therapy is a type of therapy employing various artistic forms such as improvisation, music, sculpting, movement, painting, drawing, writing, and sound- in a secure environment to express inner emotions in an external fashion.

The therapist focuses on being empathic in their listening as well as employing Carl Rogers's philosophy of "Unconditional positive regard" towards the client. The therapist must build a trust through sensitive active listening and no judgment. The goal is to provide the client with a secure environment to express his/her self within. The creative connection is an awareness of one's feelings involving interplay between different expressive mediums.

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