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Review of "Run For Your Wife" The play "Run For Your Wife", written by Ray Cooney and directed by Mackey Skinner, touches on bigamy and homosexuality in a comical way.Performed beautifully by The Baytown Little Theatre and produced by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc., the production runs weekends from June 10th through June 25th at 8:00 p.m.

"Run For Your Wife" is a farce written about a likable, British man (John Smith) married to two women (Mary and Barbara) at the same time; however, neither wife knows about the other. Each wife lives in a London flat on opposite sides of town with their husband, who drives a taxi, and works odd shifts.All the little white lies unravel when John helps rescue an elderly woman during a mugging.Press, publicity, detectives (Troughton and Porterhouse) and an upstairs neighbor (Stanley Gardner) add to the chaos of John's rapidly disintegrating secret. The play "Run For Your Wife" sheds light on bigamy and deception in a humorous way.

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It also reveals how one little white lie can turn into many white lies.John Smith, played by Jason Howard, is a man easily swayed in matters of the heart.He is eager to please, and can not say no easily.In Act I, during a scene between John and Stanley Gardner, Stanley asks John why he married Barbara, knowing he was already married to Mary.John replied, "Because she asked me," with a coy look on his face. John probably would have continued to be married to both women un-noticed and as scheduled if an accidental mugging hadn't occurred.

The character Stanley Gardner was played perfectly by Jeff Coletta, a local college student.The actor portrayed an uneducated, single white British man who envied his neighbor of his simple married life.Little did he know that his neighbor, John Smith, was married to two really different women, and lived two different lives.The timing, s…


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