Ah, accurate description of the play.One is forced

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Ah, the daunting task of analyzing Rent in 525,600 words or less, and to simplify any aspect would be an embellished understatement.So to preserve the memory on the hard drive of this computer, one is forced to focus on merely one aspect of this outstanding musical.Thefirst problem occurs when trying to describe the play in terms worthy of its praise.Neither my limited vocabulary nor the synonym button on the tool bar of the computer seems to serve as an accurate description of the play.One is forced to challenge the readers understanding of his surroundings to relate the plays standing.In this situation, one must understand that an outstanding liberal play came to challenge the delicate balance of our tiny conservative world known as College Station.To understand the validity of a play about AIDS and homosexuality selling out four shows in the most conservative town on America (where the only events to sell out are drinking parties and football games), is to merely touch on the importance and greatness of the play. I however was one of the unlucky few that was unable to view the College Station performances, but I was able to capture a ticket to a San Francisco showing during my Thanksgiving break.

I was very fortunate to see Billy Aronson's Rent, at the Orpheum Theater on November 27th, and the one aspect of the play that impressed me the most was the outstanding music. To leave a production of the play without having at least one of the musicals many outstanding songs lodged into your memory and stuck on your tong is almost a crime.Why I am still tapping my toes and singing its many memorable melodies while I am writing this review of the play.I am sure that the memories of all of its viewers are triggered with the mention of the word "rent."Just think about which song is stuck in your head right now.

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