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I recently went to see RENT done by On Tour LLC Inc on the 9th of Feb. in Heinz Hall in Pittsburgh. This was at least the 3rd time that I have seen RENT as it is on of my favorite musicals and I try and make a point to see it each time it comes to Pittsburgh. The composition of the group was that it was an orchestra. The audience was not in the most formal attire but they were not in jeans and t-shits. I myself wore a pair a kaki dress pants and a collared polo shit, which most of the men at the show also were wearing.

The women either had dress slacks on or a dress on. As for the audience response it was typical for a Broadway musical, after a song was sung the audience would clap until the next part of the musical went on. At the end of the performance when the cast took the bow the audience showed what I expected in that they gave the cast, the orchestra and also the conductor a standing ovation. The music played was that of rock and alternative type music, the type you would have heard in the time the musical is set which is in the 90's. I really enjoyed the show but because I grew up in a household that enjoys going to see musicals so I have seen many Broadway musicals and plays. Of course I would go to another type of music even like this just because I grew up with this type of musical event. In conclusion I found that I have only seen one other musical done so well and that was Starlight Express in Las Vegas when the show literally came out into the audience.

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After the show my mother and I were discussing if CALU would ever have a production of RENT at the college but we both agreed that we felt that the community would not allow the college to do it considering the controversial subject material. Although I would hope that the college would allow something with as my controversial matter involved to produced for nothing else but to make the students and community aware of these things….


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