I die after I lost my voice

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I went to see the play rent with my friend Jason and it was a great! I wondered how they could sing the whole play and it was not a short play it was almost 5 hours long! I'm in the play Hello Dolly and if I had to sing that I would die after I lost my voice 3 times! The set was spectacular it had many hidden entrances on the background, not to mention the lighting was really nicely done. The play takes place in New York. And is about kids that trying to make it through life most of them ether use drugs or have aids. It dose not sound like a happy plot but is a vary good play.

It's basically about the hardships in life. Which unfortunately happens to be the closing. J During the play there are two songs in particular that I liked on is "when your liven in Am-eri-ca at the end of the mill-enn-ium your what you are!" and another which is called "OVER THE MOON" I would recommend this play to any one who needs a laugh. ————————————————————————..

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