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One of the most prominent cities in renaissance Italy was Florence.

It was the center and starting point of renaissance. To the history of capitalism, money and economy was the main thing even in its society and culture. Florence dominated international finance in all the major banks in Europe. The famous House of Medici was the most powerful and influential family in Florence and it controlled banking services there. The House of Medici was the center of banking not only in Italy but also in the Western world. Two queens of France together with four popes came from this family. The family also fostered economic patronage to many renaissance artists and they collected pieces of arts with which they used to decorate the city of Florence.Another most influential institution in Florence was the guilds.

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It controlled art and trade and protected its members from competition inside and outside the city. The Merchants of Florence contributed in building enormous gilded mansions and villas together with grand cathedrals. A partnership business system was established in Florence and it allowed for the owners of the individual corporations to function as a network of owners over various companies.

They controlled a large part of the market and the economy.The Columbian exchangeThe term Columbian exchange was a time where the New and the Old worlds experienced biological and cultural exchanges. The things involved in the exchanges were animals and plants, diseases, and also technology and this led to a tremendous change in both the lives of the Native Americans and the Europeans. This happened following the voyage of Christopher Columbus to the Americas in 1492. The Columbian Exchange had a lot of effects on the social and cultural lives of the Native Americans and Europeans. There were advancements in the production of agricultural products, war machinery, and many people died too. During this period of exchange education was also introduced to many people.

The introduction of new diseases led to devastating results including increased mortality. There was the introduction of new types of weeds, livestock, pests and pets. Introduction of new foods led to the Improvement in the diet of the people. Furthermore, that exchange led to the production of some drugs, and the use of some pleasures like coffee, sugar, and tobacco to many people.

The Native Americans were dispossessed of their native land and the Africans were taken as slaves. The world history was completely altered through this exchange after the introduction of new things.


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