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Remote access refers to the act of allowing people to access business computer systems even when not directly connected to the business network. More importantly, remote access involves allowing staff to log in to your customer database from home, setting up a remote access server where clients can download project files and allowing business employees to send and receive email from any computer.

In addition, remote access makes it easier for people to work effectively when away from your location. For instance, if you allow remote access to your main systems, staffs working from home are less likely to cut short people in the office to ask them to send files that need to work on. Similarly, remote access is vital if a business have salespeople on the road. It assists them to download the latest pricing information before an important meeting and before persuading the customers about the product.

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Programs That Provide Remote Access

Many different remote access software programs exist, but not all are equally fast, reliable, and safe and sound. A business should go for a remote access program that offer a good combination of features, performance and security support. Examples of remote access programs include LogMeIn Free, Avvenu Access n Share and Team Viewer.One of remote access protocol is the TeamViewer, is a program package offering different uses.

For example, it enables remote access and remote desktop support as well as file transfers. In addition, TeamViewer remote access program allows interactive access while still allowing the machines firewall and antivirus software protection. Team Viewer’sflexibility makes it useful in businesses as it allows the employees, to access business files even when away from the office.TeamViewer has a user crossing point and layout that is relatively easy to find the way. It shows the user whether the connection is safe along with the ID and password being used for the session. However, this password changes each time the user accesses Team Viewer, this might cause problems to the employees when one forgets his partner’s current password.

Business have to purchase Team Viewer license in order to access remote access services, it affordable and comparable to the cost of other programs (Juang & Huang, 2013).Another example of a remote access program that can be used by businesses is LogMeIn. LogMeIn is a remote access protocol with no charge and it is limited to ten computers. In addition, this remote access program requires software for facilitating computer running LogMeIn host software from either windows or android devices. This program allow sharing of files, transfer and enables easy copy paste between computers.

However, it may slow the browsing speed when lots of tabs are opened at once (Fleishman, 2010)Avvenu Access n share is another remote access program that can be adopted by businesses. It is a phone to computer remote access protocol. It enables the business to easily do whatever they want to do at any personal computer from anywhere. It helps sharing of data; you can transfer files, music or other type of data. Avennu Access n Share gives room to update business files from anywhere with this smart utility such as smart phones. Avennu Access n Share affordable and its cost are comparable to the cost of other remote access programs (New Riders, 2000).

Apart from the above differences, the three remote access protocols share various attributes. For instance, they all allow sharing and transfer of files and their costs are comparable. In addition, they allow people to access business computer systems even when not directly connected to the business network and ensure there is no congestion in the workplace since some staff can work from home.


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