The indivisible. He is a God of justice,

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The philosophy of religion addresses not only the perennial question of whether there is truth in the claims of that there exist a Supreme Self but also tends to answer the question with evidential mechanism that truly there is God. Religion is the rules that bind faith. It is a mystical sense of the unseen as well as a control doctrine, which inhibits our natural faith. Ever since the late 1990s, Scholars witting about religion have often started with a customary note on its unexpected returns. Human thought, without a lurking suspicion elaborates itself with the progress of wholeheartedness of the intellect. However, it is doubted whether human intellect can ever explain the existence of a supreme being who is in control of happenings of the real life. This includes; the nature of reality, Life, death, good, evil, afterlife and history.

The right belief about God, the Universe, and humanity is of most concern in the Islamic culture. Religions go hand in hand with faith since faith is an inner feeling or believe (Hewere, & Anderson Allan, 29). Faith is a subtle realization that meditates the heart to witness the divine actions. It is through faith that human beings end up believing in the availability of a splendid supreme self. In addition, Religion is a sense of wisdom, exquisiteness, order, tranquility and genuineness. Notably, religion cannot be executed from human life as some psychologists and modernist claim.The single most important thing I believe in as a Muslim is that, there is only one God who is Allah. I believe that Allah is the all-powerful creator of the universe.

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To my understanding, I have a strong believe that Allah is unique and indivisible. He is a God of justice, who expects righteous behaviors and submissions to the divine will and punishes unrighteousness.I accept as true that He is the merciful one and His mercy encompasses everything. It is through the power of ‘this’ Supreme Being that the universe came into existence since the universe could not come from nowhere (Hewere, & Anderson Allan, 52). This divine will is outlined in the Koran and in the teachings and deeds of Muhammad, as recorded in the Holy book.

Additionally, I also believe that as a human being, Allah created me for the sole purpose of worshipping him. Precisely, God is the creator of everything and the sustainer of all life; without Hs continual engagement with creations, all would seize to exist.In Islam, the main objective in the religion is to live in the world in a pleasing way, so that I may gain paradise. I believe that at puberty, an account of my deeds was opened, which will be used during the Day of Judgment to determine my fate. The unbelievers and more so the sinners will be condemned but genuine repentance results in direct forgiveness alongside entrance into the paradise upon death.

Throughout my lifetime, I have developed a sense of respect to the well stated above believe owing to the fact that I have dedicated my entire life into studying the Quran. It is through this that I belief human existence continues after the death of the human body in the form of spiritual and physical resurrection.The afterlife will be full of rewards and punishment which commensurate the earthly life of each individual (Hewere, & Anderson Allan, 24).

It is vivid that a day shall come when God will resurrect and gather the soul souls of each being and judge everyone justly. This is faith in life after death and urges everyone to do right and avoid sin owing to the fact that in this life, we sometimes see a sanctimonious suffer and the impious enjoy. All shall be judged one day and justice shall be served to all.In Islam, there is a firm hierarchy of insubordination.

Primarily, all individual beings are supposed to be slaves of Allah. This is a believed I developed long time ago as I natured my desire to know more about Allah’s requirements and in my push for reading the Quran more and more. To my understanding, Islam seems to be the only religion in contrast with the modern world.

It is a religion, which Instead of contentment, autonomy and accountability it seems to speak subservience to the Supernatural Being, to the Koran, to the teachings of Mohammed as construed by the Muslim leader’s fraternity (Hewere, & Anderson Allan, 27).Most of what people say is that many misuses the religion and misquote the Quran. It is a small minority of Muslims, who do not deserve to be called “Muslim” who ruins the reputation of Islam throughout the rest of the world. Muslims are encouraged to share their faith with others. However, Muslims are told not to show aggression to others’ beliefs or engage in conflicts or debates about matters of religion (Hewere, ; Anderson Allan, 34). There is no prescribed ceremony for conversion. People must merely believe in and adore the religion to convert to it.

Moreover, In Islam, everything considered harmful to the body, mind, soul or society is forbidden, while whatever is beneficial isacceptable.In conclusion, to my point of view, Islam is one of the best religions since it advocates for human well-being and promotes human nature. Islam teaches the importance of both belief and practice; one is unsatisfactory devoid of the other. The above beliefs are those that are commonly held by Muslims, as laid out in the Quran and hadith.


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